Turn Your Gluten Free Messes Into Masterpieces

Do you know the secrets of gluten free baking? Recipe creators use "Master Recipe Formulas", know which ingredients do what, and have a bag full of tricks that keep their recipes from failing.

In this new class, you'll learn all of this and, in the process, transform your gluten free baking into an experiene you never dreamed possible. 


  • March 1st - 28th, 2016
  • Online class with in-depth video tutorials, assignments, and group coaching.
  • Choose from 5 different options for the baking part of the course.
  • Guaranteed results (see below)!
  • When you participate in the "First Class Program'" the price is.....

only $197

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For The Baking Assignments

Fluffy, flaky biscuits that are melt-in-your-mouth tender are something you should not live without.

Loaf bread, sandwich rolls, and hoagies are all a possibility now!

Hot bagels fresh out of the oven make weekend breakfasts a treat again.

These cakes always get the response, "This is the best cake I've ever eaten! Are you sure it's gluten free?"

Once you can make homemade pizza you will never wish you could still order delivery.

This Could Be You In Just 4 Weeks...

"Without your encouragement and recipes, living gluten free would be so much harder!

It's so nice to be able to grab my favorite cookbooks and have the confidence to convert them to GF ingredients."

Mary Anne

GFCS Student

“Thanks for all you do for all of us who must bake gluten free! Your videos are amazing.

I've learned so much from your courses and love that I can now play with recipes, and make all of the substitutions that I need, and the recipes work!”


GFCS Student

"I'm so happy with your class on gluten free bread!

I'd given up hope of ever really enjoying bread again, but now I can have a great sandwich any time I want.

And my kids love it too!”


GFCS Student

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What To Expect During The Course

Week #1 Content: Gluten free flours can be so confusing and inadvertant flour goofs can wreck a recipe. I'll teach what each of the gluten free flours does, which ones play well together, and how to pick the perfect combination for various types of recipes.

Week #1 Guaranteed Result: By the end of this week you'll know exactly which flours you should keep in your pantry, which flour mixes to use for which recipes, and how to substitute flour without wrecking the recipe.

Week #2 Content: This week you learn all about the "Master Recipe Formulas" that every good recipe creator uses to craft a new recipe. This is the basic "chemistry" of GF baking.

We'll look at each ingredient in the formulas to learn what they do and how to manipulate them for the best results. You will never look at a recipe the same way again!

Week #2 Guaranteed Result: By the end of this week you'll be able to spot a bad recipe without even baking it.

You'll also be able to go up to anyone that you can get to listen and  list the basic ingredients in the "Master Formula" that you're studying, explain what ingredient does and how to substitute or tweak it. If you can't find anyone to listen, you can call me =)

Week #3 Content: This week we bake! This is the week you learn all of the techniques that are always left out of recipes, because it's assumed that you already know them.

I'll walk you step-by-step through the "Master Recipe" that you chose to study and in recorded and live-baking sessions and show you exactly what to do.

Week #3 Guaranteed Result: By the end of this week you'll know how and when to use your scale and thermometers and the other special techniques that virtually eliminate the possibility of errors.  

You'll also know how to do small-scale baking experiments and take notes on each project so that you can learn from each one and dramatically reduce the number of experiments that it takes to get a new recipe just right. 

Week #4 Content: The final step in the course is to pull together everything that you've learned in the first three modules and convert a recipe that uses wheat flour to one that uses gluten free flours and is perfectly formulated for your needs.

I'll walk you through the process that I use to quickly craft new recipes, and then you'll actually do the work. Once you're done, I'll review your recipe and point out any potential snafus before you start baking.

Week #4 Guaranteed Result: Ah! The ultimate accomplishment in gluten free baking. The guaranteed result for this week is that you'll convert your recipe, bake it, and have it turn out well within two iterations. (We don't expect perfection here! You actually learn the most from mistakes.)

Now you have your very own custom gluten free recipe, and you are all set to conquer other "Master Recipe Formulas"!


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A four-session class, like this, would generally cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $497. But, I'm doing this class a bit differently! Instead of spending a few months creating everything and then offering the class "as is" (which is what I've done with the 16 classes that I've been teaching for the past 5 years), I'm creating this class from a rough outline as we go, and letting your questions guide me as to what areas need a lot of coverage, and which don't. 

"First Class" members get a huge discount ($300) for asking lots of questions, completing a few surveys, and fully participating in the community. That makes the price of this course $197 - but just for this first time that it's offered!


YES! All of the results detailed above are guaranteed. If you've not attained each one by the end of the course, I will personally work with you to attain those results.


TIME: While this course does take a deep dive into several topics, it's not intense in the amount of work required! This course is 4 weeks long and you should expect to spend approximately 2 hours each week on the class work. This includes watching the week's video(s), completing any exercises and interacting with me and the other students.

If you're going to have a more than usually busy March, this may not be he best time to this class. However, all of the videos and exercises will be short so that you can work them into the nooks and crannies of your day. Except for the baking parts. You'll probably want to be in your kitchen (and not the subway or carpool line) for those =) 

The cost of this course is $197. That price includes group coaching,  a personally assigned coach, and lifetime access to the private Gluten Free Mess to Masterpiece Community.

If you decide to continue on after this class, you'll be able to buy additional "Core" classes, and you're always welcome to participate in this class in the future as an alumni member (no cost!)


The class officially starts  on Tuesday, March 1st, but between Feb 19th and March 1st we’ll have about a week to start getting to know each other,  decide where we want to have our online community (Facebook or something else), choose a Core class,  and submit questions for the first module. New content will be emailed out to you each Tuesday, and you can view the video(s) and work on any assignments as your schedule allows.

If you don't already have a digital kitchen scale, digital probe thermometer and baking stone, you'll also need to order those during the first couple of weeks of the class. The total cost of these (if purchased on Amazon) is generally  $75.


If you have multiple food allergies, this is probably the absolute best gluten free cooking course option for you. I LOVE helping people figure out how to deal with multiple allergies and make foods that no one realizes are "different".

The recipes in the class will all be gluten free and dairy free, and I have versions of the recipes that are also corn free, egg free, yeast free, and grain free. After this course, the need to substitute ingredients in and out of recipes will be so easy you won't even have to think about it anymore!


If you've already purchased one or more of my cooking classes, you are welcome to use one of them as your Core Class and only pay for Weeks 1, 2, and 4.  Just email me at support@glutenfreecookingschool and I'll send you a discount code that will lower the price to $150. In Week 3 you will not receive the Core Class content by email, but will access your class as you would (and I can help with that too, if it's been a while!)